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What would you recommend?

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Hello all, been a while since I was last here...

Was just wondering what emulator/plugin combo that you would recommend for my computer. General Hardwas as follows:

PII 200MHz
ATI Radeon 9200SE 64MB
All in a Dell D200s

I know, crapzilla :hdbash: , but it's all I have until I get a job...
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welcome to my world!

id use a soft gpu plugin coz it provides best compatibility.
eternal spu sound plugin
cdrsapu plugin
A Pentium II 200MHz?
It can emulate, but you would not be able to obtain full-frame rates even if Pete's DirectX/OpenGL settings are set to minimal.
Yea, but I still couldn't hit full framerate on my dad's Dell DImension 4300 (1.6Ghz, 512MB, 32MB GeForce 2 MX200) !
With such specs I recommend you VGS (or Emurayden but don't ask here where to find it). I remember when I had Celeron 300 it did really great!
ugh, buy a PSX man, its like 20 bucks :p

i could never get Bleem! to run FF9 smoothly on my friend's PII 233 (with MMX!) and 128mb of ram... :|
bleem! sucks, hushy... It was good several years ago. And VGS needs a patch in order to run FF9... Oh well, I fortunately ePSXe/PSXeven/SSSPSX work just fine on my computer :) Besides I can always play PSX games on my PS2 :p
yeah use vgs like hyuga said but forget the quality games will look like crap
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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