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What would the optimal Plugin for an Intel Graphics Chipset be?

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Hey, so I'm using a Laptop with an Intel Series 4 Chipset...thing. Yes, I know, I know, Laptops really aren't meant for gaming and etc, but I would like to run Emus on it...I tried running the standard Plugin the tutorial says to use, but it's having trouble rendering things. So, what Plugin should I try to get ePSXe running on my machine?
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Petes D3D 1.77/Petes OGL 1.78, Peopsoft or GSDX
Ah, thanks a lot. Works great now.
Hello, I am using the same chipset and I have a problem with sound. It sends to be choppy and repeat words that the character said, or has a sound much like popping popcorn in the background. The sound is perfect when I use the scph1000 bios, but a lot of the textures are missing. The textures are perfect with other bios sets but the sound persists. So far, the default ePSXe sound plugins give me the best quality, as everything else tends to be much choppier or freezes the game.
bios has NOTHING to do with missing textures, audio issues or anything else for that matter....
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