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hello i'm new to this and adripsx is working for me, but the game runs way to fast:eyemove:

i have found out how to fix this, but what would be the best setting for adripsx to run a game like it sould be running on a ps1.

please post your settings here.

thx patrick schroeder.

Edit: i have Windows XP.
And my pc is really fast so allot can be set for highest..

Hallo Patrick,

nice name you have there. Still, we require you to read the rules before posting - this is *completly* the wrong forum for a question about AdriPSX. This is the NEWS SUBMISSION forum, and I can't really see what got you to think your post belongs here.


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nice name you have there.
haha! :lol:

anyway, i would suggest you use a more advanced emulator like ePSXe, PSXeven, SSSPSX, or PCSX. adripsx is nice because of HLE emulation, however it doesnt support disc change or proper memory card saves, so when it comes to that you'll be out of luck.
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