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WHAT WILL MEET the future?

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HI again , Sometimes i get out my idea about the future of this great emulator...
i've seen :p A lot of great work (sorry for my poor english , today i sux) :thumb:

Som' i wanna ask what the future went?
I know wich the pcsx2 is already far from completation ... so i've put this idea:
Put the compatible with The webcam like the play 2 , and also too the compatible with internet connection ..
I Hope this tread wasn't already asked for this idea...

:hdbash: I really sorry for my terrible language today :cuss2:
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I think ideas like Webcam and internet support for it are very much bottom of the pile at the moment! first idea is to make it work with most games (if not all) then get it running at a decent speed.

IMO stuff like webcam support (i assume so you can play eyetoy games?) is really not important at all, as it doesnt help in the slightest getting the emu to work.

also its more likely it would be the USB plugin that supports this, not the emulator itself, so the authors would have to modify the USB plugin to detect the pc devices and interpret them as PS2 ones.
As an aside, you can currently install the eyetoy on windows: check out for more info.

However as refraction has already said, don't expect this to get the eyetoy working w/ pcsx2.
the whole idea of pcsx2 was to make PS2 games and PS2 emulate on the computer
and so it would be even farfetched to think of these other possibilities.
besides as Refraction had mentioned, the team would have to do alot more programming, it is even useless to have such a system for a PS2 emulator

the ps2 emulator still has a long way to go before completion and if we are to introduce other systems and other things to this already complicated program, it would be a very vey long and tiring way before it even completes. So lets just stick with emulating the PS2 and PS2 games for now and let someone else introduce all these other systems
Hmm i thinks' about Kailera can support this ... I hope on this ... :agree:
Internet connections' so do you have say very much bottom of the pile at the moment.
Thank's for the answer
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