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What "Bundle" of hardware and software got you to purchase a console? For me there were 3, from the SNES to the Gamecube.

SNES, Zelda: aLTTP, Wing Commander, Mario All Stars, $115 plus tax/shipping. All great games and a bit of variety.

N64 with Star Wars Episode 1 racer, $79.99 a reason to own an N64, IIRC A Wal Mart Exclusive.

GameCube with Zelda WW, OoT, and MQ, plus a GBA to GC cable, $150, another Wal Mart exclusive, the last system I was able to lay away at Wal Mart.

So what great bundles convinced you to buy a console?

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Yoshi's Island bundled with the SNES was a hell of a purchase for my parents, one of the best games of its generation and it was at a good solid price. Still got the box in good condition and I cannot part ways with it.
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