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what video card u guys recommend?!

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what kind of recent cards (under $150) do u guys recommend?ATI radeon? Hercules? what else?
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well gforce 2 gts pro 140 $

gforce 2 ultra 190 $

see this test
Geforce 3 or the Radeon8500 if you can afford it :)
What Video card.

I recommend you to use Geforce 2 PRO. It has almost the same as the Geforce2ultra. The only differences are the clock speed, memory speed and the NS of the memory. Geforce 2 pro is very overclockable and can reach near ultra level with ease. Oh BTw, I can play tekken3 on epsxe @ 1024x768 resolution at 4x fsaa and still have 85 fps.. same as counterstrike..

Amd Athlon 1ghz @ 1020 mhz
Abit kt7
448mb ram
Sblive value!
seagate barracuda 13.6 gigs
Inno3d Geforce 2 pro:D :D
sephiroth - how much is the Inno3d gforce2 pro here?
I have a GEForce 2 GTS that bought when it first came out. I am very well satisfied with it and would recommend the GTS card to anyone.
Get a Quadro DCC (a GeForce 3 with 128mb DDR) though it's ment for 3D game developers,ect. and probably is 300x more expensive then GF3 just to piss me off. :D
Well I think the new 3d acc. is S3 Trio3D/2x should get this one it kick asssss
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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