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What Vdeo Plugin & Vdeo Plugin Config would be best 4 a Macbook w/ Windowsxp and psxe

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need help, not happy with the graphics.
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If you have a Macbook, you either have Intel integrated graphics or nVidia, so it's going to depend upon what you have.

core duo processor and Mobile intel 965 Express chipset family. did i get it right? i'm not sure where to check. can you help me?
Your available options are:

1.) P.E.Op.S. "Soft" GPU

2.) Pete's D3D6/D3D7

3.) Pete's/P.E.Op.S. OpenGL

Do not confuse the OpenGL plugin for the OpenGL2 plugin. The OpenGL2 plugin will give you problems if it even works at all.

I can't give you a good configuration because I'm not very familiar with Intel graphics and I was hoping that you would have an nVidia GPU. >.< Someone will likely come along to point you in the right direction. In the meantime, you can use the "Soft" GPU as it works very well, but just doesn't offer the enhancements that the other plugins offer, favoring compatibility over graphics improvements.

BTW, what game(s) are you trying to run?
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Yup, those are the plugins that i'm using. It's just that I'm not really happy with the graphics. thanks for trying to help. I think I'm stuck using this plugin. LOL. I just downloaded the emulator to relive some classic games i finished on the ps1 such as Castlevania SOTN, Legend of dragoon, Legend of legaia, Xenogears, Brigandine and other RPG that I miss playing =) thanks again
well higher-end features will require higher-end hardware. if you are looking for the best graphics possible, onboard video is just not going to cut it.
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