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What to expect?

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Hi to all,i would like to know what people think of the future on n64 emulation.Don't worry,i'm not here to say that n64 emulators are crap etc etc,i really appreciate all the work that has been done but clearly there is much to do as some top games (DK 64,Mario golf,tennis........)doesn't work properly and many others have several glitches.Major emulators doesn't receive updates in a long time (is pj64 discontinued?),fortunately that's not true for plugins,however fixing the bugs seems more and more difficult.So i would know what to expect in the future,if n64 emulation has ended his lyfe cycle of there will be real improvements.Thanks for all replies and sorry for bad english.
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yes pj64 is discontinued,1964 will have a 1.0 release(rice still works on his own video plugin and still makes releases),mupen64 is gaining ground,but over all n64 emulation probably won't evolve for a while.
More powerful pc's will make n64 emulation somewhat easier?
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