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Originally posted by SirJoe

I was using ePSXeCutor so I haven't seen the ePSXe menu.

Now it all works perfectly, the iso of Final Fantasy Tactics works great, only some music problem in the menu, and sometimes some imperfection in the graphic.

thanks again to all you
You can also run iso's with executor..

1. You enable the epsxe gui option in executor
2. You use the commandline -loadbin to automatically load an iso with one click.. Put it into the command line option in executor..


-loadbin d:\mgs.bin

And if you don't want to see all the psx boot up screens, the use the -f command along with it.. ie:

-loadbin d:\mgs.bin -f

This way don't need to go through the epsxe gui to run isos with executor.. Plus it's just one click and your off..
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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