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wat makes a good game

  • GAmeplay

    Votes: 20 80.0%
  • SToryline

    Votes: 17 68.0%
  • Graphics

    Votes: 5 20.0%
  • Music

    Votes: 12 48.0%
  • game with online play

    Votes: 2 8.0%
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Storyline and setting is what really draws me in a game. That, and the Gameplay decides whether the game remains of interest to me. Fitting Graphics and Music can really add greatly to the overall experience (whether you get a cozy, warm, or even a cold impression).

Kazuya summed it up nicely:
Kazuya Mishima said:
I believe the perfect game is one where there is a good balance between music, graphics, gameplay and story.

Online play doesn't make a game good IMO. It can create longetivity, and can provide competition to the player, which is much needed if you want to be best. It doesn't change the quality of the actual core game, however, save those that completely rely on online play.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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