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wat makes a good game

  • GAmeplay

    Votes: 20 80.0%
  • SToryline

    Votes: 17 68.0%
  • Graphics

    Votes: 5 20.0%
  • Music

    Votes: 12 48.0%
  • game with online play

    Votes: 2 8.0%

what makes a game good in ur opinion

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WEll,i think 3 things makes a game good
1)good story

yeah,i always get addicted to those games which got a good storyline and keeps me in suspence, with ofcourse good gameplay,.,and if there s aint a good music,specially game likes nfs underground 2 rocks,))))would certainly not woth being a good game,these three catogories summaries my game choice,(sorry for bad english)
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Firstly, what you see is part of what you get, so graphics (whether you're man enough to admit it or not) has a big part to play, especially if you've witnessed newer games.

But, to me....I need a good storyline to spike some interest, cause I don't have as much time as I used to, so I can't afford to play crap. :)

And music is a big thing for me....example, what would Deus Ex have been like without the amazing soundtrack? Same with Unreal, UT (Yes, I know the music for these games where done by the amazing Straylight).

And obviously, the're main interface to this parallel world.....must be playable indeed, and not too tough to manage....last thing anyone needs is to get pissed off with a crappy control system...or better yet, crappy camera angles. oO

r2rX :D

Graphics is something relative, and online... is not always needed, or possible :)
I could give a crap about story. Unless it's an RPG game, which i'm not too crazy about that genre anyways. As long as I am having fun playing that's what matters most. So gameplay is what I voted for. Graphics is just icing on the cake, and music is a nice added feature. Online play is nice depending on the game. Like Doom 3's deatmmatch I really don't care for, but I much rather Play Unreal Tournament 2004, yet they are the same type of genre and even gametype (depending) So yea gameplay :p
i would say game play i mean it is called a game for gods sake! so i would only play somthing that i will enjoy. if i wana good story then i will read a book or watch lords of ring. now if i want to enjoy music i can listen to linken park or if i wana see good graphics i can always watch a good nudy anime :p
so see a game is about a good game play. or so i think!
I think a game is a fine mix of all the parts that are mentioned in the poll exept online play like ready2rumbelX said graphics plays a big role in gaming today as well as a good storyline, gameplay and music so when you get the right dosage of everyting you get a clear winner (take RE4 for example).
i would have to say gameplay...
Gameplay, storyline, music, game with online, graphics.

whether it be rpg or not, gameplay is key. an rpg's story might be the best ever but if the controls and the menus and enemies, etc. are really bad, I'd give it up in a heartbeat. Example off the top of my head is koudelka. the battles were soooooooo bad, no hot main character or story was gonna make me want to play that game.

the storyline part is dependent on the type of game I think. Racing games have no story really. Nor should they. I like it better just mindlessly racing. Gran Turismo 3 comes to mind.

And lastly I guess I'd have to say the graphics are the worst determining factor in what makes a game good. some of the best looking games really sucked for me. King's Quest 7, Phantasmagoria, Koudelka (again), are some that come to mind (please remember I'm old school and KQ7 and Phantasmagoria were considered revolutionary when they came out. comparable to the Far Cry's, Doom III's, and Half Life 2's of today). Yet some games that had mediocre graphics or plain graphics have been the most fun for me. Final Fantasy Tactics, Pirates, Final Fantasy 4 (II in the US), the very first Counter-Strike come to mind. All of these games were really plain for their time except for maybe counter-strike. but the others weren't the top notch in graphics when they came out but in my mind they were awesome! Take FFT for instance. Hardly any of those CG cutscenes which are now rampant in games, yet still so fun and addicting.
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The graphics of a game draws you in. Gameplay makes it fun. Storyline keeps you playing.
+ gameplay: is always the most important thing for me
+ music & sounds: make good atmosphere -> important
- graphics: not so important. we2002, silent hill, starcraft - my fav games. all are ugly
- online mode: not important but crucial if you wanna go pro.
- story: not so important. only few games have good stories anyway (SH2, Mafia etc.) most games stories are like "save the world" or "i'm the one and only" but are still fun to play
Gameplay, Audio (Music and Sound Effects), then Graphics.

The important part in games is that you having fun, as Razor Blade said. I have found through the many game's i've played that after gameplay, audio plays a much more pivital (spelling?) role in the game, giving you an overall sense of atmosphere that sucks you in. Graphics are sometimes necessary in certain games depending on waht your really going for, but most of the time its irrelevant. I would prefer online play with most of my games because single player can only last so long, but as long as single player is enjoyable i don't need it.

I vote for gameplay.
I think that graphics,storyline and gameplay makes a good game.
I reember SNES RPGs that'd didn't have great graphics *Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 2/3 *US** that had good stories, decent sound, and were very enjoyable. Dragon Warrior VII comes to mind as well,,,
I haven't gotten into 'online' gaming yet...
I believe the perfect game is one where there is a good balance between music, graphics, gameplay and story. There are games that are pure sound, others that are pure graphics and so on and on.

The important factor here is that those things can be used to EXPRESS the creators idea, not just to make you say: wow, so beautiful or this music rocks.

Mgs3 would have never been the same without today's graphics and music although it could have had a really good gameplay on the nes. The graphics of that game and many others are used to help the rest of the factors: music, gameplay and story. Each one serves as a support for the others. The music will create and environment that will make you think your are really living what you see and so on and on.

Sadly there are game companies that only get music licenses so you can say: wow, look at the licenses they got or it looks so beautiful that i don't mind the crappy story.
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NINJAS All the way!
Storyline and setting is what really draws me in a game. That, and the Gameplay decides whether the game remains of interest to me. Fitting Graphics and Music can really add greatly to the overall experience (whether you get a cozy, warm, or even a cold impression).

Kazuya summed it up nicely:
Kazuya Mishima said:
I believe the perfect game is one where there is a good balance between music, graphics, gameplay and story.

Online play doesn't make a game good IMO. It can create longetivity, and can provide competition to the player, which is much needed if you want to be best. It doesn't change the quality of the actual core game, however, save those that completely rely on online play.
That's easy: gameplay. I've found that no matter what game I'm playing what eventually makes or breaks it is the gameplay. And by gameplay I'm referring to the design and/or concept and how well they're implemented. If a game has good gameplay it's gold. Otherwise it's not worth a dime.
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