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well, this is from the page who created the patch:thumb:
Major speed-up in some games (Watchdog config patch V3)
Ever since the fps counter reacts to the watch-dog config in Brawl, i could use it as evidence of this improvement. The revision i'm using right now for this experiment is 3851.

Applying a patch i made (pure copypasta and edit from the framelimiter), I added a config for FAKE_GP_WATCHDOG_VALUE divider, which is by default (without patch), 60.

I tested Super Smash Bros Brawl setting the watchdog config to 15 and compared it with 60.

How it looks:

The results.
Watchdog divider set to 60 (default for unpatched)

Now set to 15

The patch is zipped in the attachments.
Also, the watchdog config might require a Dolphin restart in order to take effect.
Just making a quick list with the recommended values for some games.
Super Smash Bros Brawl (PAL)- 15
Super Mario Galaxy - 60
Mario Kart Wii - 10?
Nights: Journey of Dreams - 15
Zelda: Twilight Princess [Wii-GC] - 60?
Tatsunoko vs Capcom - 10?

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This option to get stable and nice fps, every game requires different values, some games hanging if value too small, and one more thing
MGS Twin Snakes - 1
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