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What is the diff between the DeSmuME icons ?

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I tried DeSmuME for the first time tonight and was really happy with it everything works with it so far I play most games at full speed with my Dual core @ 3.0 This better emu than nobga.

Anyway whats the diff between the icons the one I use is desmume but there are two others, they might not be executables but was wondering. I didn't want to click on them cause the desmume works real good.
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That depends on whether you're using an official build or an SVN compile.

Anyways one of them should actually be slightly faster on your system as your Processor has well past SSE2, so you should try the build that has SSE2 in it's name, the non-SSE2 one is for older processors that don't have SSE2.

The third one is most likely one which runs a command console in the background which aids in finding out what error just occured (basically it contains debug info that's useless to the common DeSmuME user unless a dev requests it), but whatever package you got of DeSmuME might contain another type of build.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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