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What is the best sound plugin for Front Mission 3?

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I have been using Null's and even with calculate FPS and the accurate cd timing checked..the music just goes from really fast tempo to slow and it never stays the same.
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FM3 is really buggy (sound speed up/downs, locks crashes etc) in ePSXe. It might sound like heresy, but play it in FPSE instead - it runs really well, at a stable speed and with few bugs.
As far as the spu, Iori's seemes to work best under FPSE.
I couldnt get FPSE to work on my system. It just opens a ms-dos window and starts scrolling some on win2k pro btw
Ask in the fpse forum, I'm sure there are people there that could help you.
Don't forget to use the configurator (the icon with the spanners and stuff.) If it gives you a .dll error report just ignore it, leave the report open and carry on configuring the plug-ins (you can close the report later).

After that, If you can't get it to run normally, drag and drop the FPSE icon onto the .exe and it should start up.

It worked for me.
i cant even select most of the plugins. when i go into the configurator ( after i extracted all the plugins to the plugins folder ) the drag down menu doesnt let me select them. there is a pic attached on what it does...
At the risk of going off topic (this being an ePSXe board), first make sure your plug-ins are extracted to the PSEMU folder inside the plug-ins folder.

In the configurator choose the plug-ins which begin SPUPSEmu and GPUPSEmu and then choose and configure your favourite plug-ins from the drop down list that appears when you press configure(remember to leave unclosed any Fpsecfg error report dialog boxes).

Sorry, but no idea what the pic you posted means, but try the above. If that doesn't work, try CVGS (there's some posts on that forum which should help you out.)
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