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I'm trying to find what is the most console-accurate plugins for PJ64 1.6, although i just end up in dead ends. If anyone here is still active, can you suggest me the best Graphics, Audio and Controller plugins for this emulator?

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Most accurate? none...
Project64 1.6 is only good for HLE, and that is debatable.

Let's show you mercy =P

Praise the Sun

Well, this contain:
Project64 1.6 and upgrades.
Glide64 Final (10th Anniversary)
N-Rage 2.3c
Jabo's update 1.6.1
Unofficial RDB v4.23

Install all this if wanna all working:

For Xbox controller working with N-Rage, find your drivers there:

Change default memory size to 8MB.
Check "Sync game to audio".

For "most accurate" emulation, this.
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