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sorry pal no emus for Dream Cast here....currently a few projects are running.....we'll have to wait


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thats right CD .
i was concerned about it at the beginning like you stefanus.
and i heared about a pc card that will do as a dreamcast on the
pc instead of just a software emulator .
i was waiting for it , to come out but , it never did .
so i got the real thing.
im still concerned about a decent emulator for it , but beleave me
there isnt one till now. and even those who started some , they gave it up there is no progress in the dreamcast emulating since
a very long time .
so if you really want to play shenmue , shenmue 2 and grandia 2 (a very good games ) then go get your self a dreamcast .
you can find it for about 140 $ now.
see ya..
nightmare= fake :rockets:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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