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What is the best configuration for ff9 and Chrono cross using a Vodoo Banshe?

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Using the lewpy's 3dfx plugin i don't get a good frame rate and its slow in the battles. I've tried change the frames per second limit to 60 and frame skipping at the same time but its useless. Anyone knows about a good configuration for this plugin or for this card?
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We need more info about your system.. Pc specs.. CPU, ram, sound card..
My specs

Celeron 400 mhz
160 mb ram
vodoo banshee 32 mb
cd rom 52x
soundblaster 3d
Now I know you lie: Banshee's only came with 16Mb :doh:
Please post the output of the COPY INFO button in the configuration panel of my plugin.
my apologies

Yeah, know its only 16 mb. There must be a way the cokies don't let others use your forums or mails... Sorry It was my little brother (13) who posted the reply (and mailed back some friends of mine)

In fact, its not 160 mb but 256 mb.
The other specs are the same.
Well, if you (or your lil' bro) still need help, please post the COPY INFO output, and I'll see what I can suggest.
It's probably down to FBA having "READ" in the setting (ie. READ, or READ/WRITE), or OSD being set to EXTRA+FBR or FULL.
Problem is, you need to use the above settings to get [nearly] all effects working most of the time, but they have a side-effect of slowing things down :(

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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