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Hi. I have a simple question but its hard to know the answer because I can not test it for myself. The thing is:

I have a gigabyte GA-73VM-S2 motherboard and I can chose between 2 Intel CPUs to buy for use with pcsx2 (I have a [email protected] at the moment). If I chose E5200, I can overclock it to up 3.8GHz without too much pain (even more with some luck and a higher vcore) and I'll be able to play most of the games I own with Vuskip enabled. In that case the best plugin is GSDX SSSE3 version.

In the other hand, if I chose E7200, I can use the SSE4 version of the GSDX plugin, but my overclock will be limited to only 3.2GHz because of my motherboard limits and the default higher FSB. I don't know how much faster is the SSE4.1 version of this plugin (I can not test it) so I think the E5200 will be a better choice 'cos pcsx2 is highly CPU dependent.

The question is: what choice is the best in this case?

1- [email protected] with SSSE3 plugin
2- [email protected] with SSE4 plugin

Oh, and I have a Nvidia 9600GT, if it does matter.
Thanks very much in advance for the help.:) And sorry for my bad english :p

EDIT: I already know the answer. Bositman told me. If someone have the same doubt, the answer is: speed increase of SSE4 over the SSSE3 version is really really small. By all means go for the higher clock. In this case, go for the E5200. ;)
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