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Hey everyone. i am running the latest version of Pcsx2 and i am having speed issues. My computer specs should more than satisfy the min reqs for full speed but again i am unsure. I've googled around a little and i have left with nothing but questions. My specs are as follows.

AMD Athlon X2 2.8 ghz processor oc'd to 3.1ghz
ATI Sapphire Radeon 3659 1gb DDR2 memory with an oc'd GPU @ 790 mhz
2gb ddr2 ram
Windows XP Professional sp3

I have used the plugins that are compatible with my processor. I used Gsdx 890 (msvc 15.00 sse2) 0.1.14 and Zerogs 0.97.1

I get full speed here and there but never consistently. I understand that ps2 emulation is still in developement but ihave seen full speed vids of weaker computers and i am just confused.

Any help would be great! Thanks everyone!

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Just about everything is holding you back.

CPU: You can't expect too much from the older Athlon series.

GPU: There's a bugfix in GSDX build 1322 and higher that improves speed dramatically on ATI hardware.

Download the PCSX2 beta and you should be alright in most cases. This beta has additional speedhacks that should make many games playable.
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