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What is "dead zone"

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I playing Need for Speed for PC and I see this setting.
I don't know how it work and how to use it.
Can anyone explain to me :confused:
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It defines how much you have to move the joystick on the controller/steering wheel before the game detects movement and responds. The higher it is, the harder you'll have to work the controller to get the car to turn. Conversely, if it's really low, just tapping the wheel will turn your car.
Oh I see.............
I need joystick to make this work.
BTW Thank for let me know how it work :)
It doesn't require a joystick, just a controller of some sort - gamepad, steering wheel, joystick, etc.
For now I just have only keyboard
My joystick has go in peace now :eyes:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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