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What is a good File Sharing Program?

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What is a good File Sharing Program that does NOT contain spyware, viruses, torjan horses or any weird stuff?
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Morpheus, Winmx

Morpheus and Winmx :D

I hope nobody has done anything to my computer using Kazaa Eek!

Thanks for the info about Kazaa !
Originally posted by RZetlin
Direct connect: You have to share your files in order for it to work. (600 MB to share I believe)
Depends on the Hub. Sometimes less, usually more (1-2 GB).

[]s Badaro
i finally figured direct connect....about that min sharing thing....some hubs have a 30gb min share!! crazy eh?

why's the download so slow......
morpheus is faster......but yea....go back and read...
here r my picks

for movies-----get filetopia they seems to get the file faster that any and good quality

for games,apps anime ------ direct connect they have a wide varity

for mp3'------- use winmx

for hard to feel stuff use morpheus/kaaza

#1 choice for all is a tie direct connect/winmx and they both have great speed .

check for other selection
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41 - 44 of 44 Posts
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