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What happens when a cd is not patched?

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Who knows what happens when a cd is not patched or is a unsopported pal version?

Couse mine is read and the hd spins, but what jus i get is a blank screen...(ffix..yes it again)
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what my problem is ffIX...i'm not able to find out what version do i have...i tryed it on a psx and it's in if it's american (ntsc) i souldn't have problems, and if it's english (pal-uk) i should use the patch by huligans...but when i try to apply the patch it says that the bin isn't correct and when i use pete cdrom plugin, the display (the trainer) of the patch appear but when i press x to start in pal mode, it return to windows, and nothing happen...guest why?

I gave up, i got a strange ff9 version, now at the end i'm tryng to have lended to me a psx from a friend
i found that my game is a PAL ITALIAN version, since i'm italian and it goes well on the italian playstations (with the mod chips) and this kind of psx get the scph9002 pal bios, i suppose that if i can extract a bios from this psx i can play the game witouth patches, right?

Now how can i extract a bios, i shall have an e-eprom reader, what kind of e-eproms (where the bios is loaded) are in the psx?
will epsxe compatible with libcrypt 4?
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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