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What happened to Null's plugin?

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What happened to Null's plugin with the 1.3x release?

It's been stellar for Chrono Chross in the 1.2x release, but all of the 1.3x versions don't work for me at all -- tons of crappy, scratchy sound in MDEC's. It's absolutely unplayable on Chrono Chross for me. :dead: Changing buffers and blocks hasn't helped. VAG stream is enabled, and I've played with other settings as well.

I'm using a SBLive! Value, so I must not be the only one suffering from this problem. The machine is a K6-III 400 with 128 MB RAM, Voodoo3 2000, and Win98.

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Hey guys

The choppy sound in mdecs happens w/ null 1.35 too...
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