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What games have been made into movies?

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I was just reading a snipet from a review of the FF movie that Betamax posted. It said that the FF movie is the best movie adapted from a game.
So I'm wondering which other games have had movies based on them. And of coarse I know about Tomb Raider.

Also if you've seen one of these movie please tell if you enjoyed it or not and tell me if the movie stayed true to the game's plot.
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Yeah,the Resident Evil movie sin't completed but the only thing I know is that the main actress is Milla Jovovich(The 5th Element).
There will also be a Max Payne movie.
Well,this one isn't a game turned into a movie but an anime turned into a movie:
DBZ,yes they made it,simply horrible(can you imagine a Kamehameha with special effects?).
Originally posted by Bahamut_Zero
I heard Parasite Eve also beeing made into a movie
Nah,it's already been made in Japan,it's based on the boook on which the game is based(the story originally takes place in Tokyo not in New York),and from what I've been told it's not a fantastic movie(not bad but not great either).
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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