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What games have been made into movies?

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I was just reading a snipet from a review of the FF movie that Betamax posted. It said that the FF movie is the best movie adapted from a game.
So I'm wondering which other games have had movies based on them. And of coarse I know about Tomb Raider.

Also if you've seen one of these movie please tell if you enjoyed it or not and tell me if the movie stayed true to the game's plot.
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Actually there are 2 streetfighter 2 movies :confused:. The live action one with Kyle Minogue and Jean Claude Van Damme (Which is on my top ten turkeys of all time) and an anime one... which although is not as big a dross as the live action one is definately still a cure for insomia.

Most of the one that I am aware of have also been mentioned. Thank god there wasn't a sonic the hedgehog one:eyes:
Yep Doom has been stuck in development hell since 1994. Originally there was rumors that arnie was even going to play the marine. However that seems less likely now. Although that said, it probably would be a good role for him... after all there is practically no acting involved.:p

Hopefully the devlopment of Doom 3 will spir some life back into the movie as I think it might have some potential (as a blockbuster that is).

Ps Just as an example the spiderman movie due out nerxt year was stuck in pre production since 1991, Jame Cameron originally was planned to make this movie immediately after T2 but due to legal reasons it got delayed 10 years(by which case Cameron was no longer interested and thus Sam Raimi took over). Hence 1994 isn't that long in comparision.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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