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What games have been made into movies?

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I was just reading a snipet from a review of the FF movie that Betamax posted. It said that the FF movie is the best movie adapted from a game.
So I'm wondering which other games have had movies based on them. And of coarse I know about Tomb Raider.

Also if you've seen one of these movie please tell if you enjoyed it or not and tell me if the movie stayed true to the game's plot.
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Here are the ones that I know:
Super Mario Bros
Double Dragon
Street Fighter
(Wouldn't recommend ANY of these though)

If you count full-length cartoon/animation, then you'd also have:
Battle Arena Toshinden
Fatal Fury

I'll add more as more comes to my mind....
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Ah... MK movies..... bleargh.....

PS: I noticed you've changed avatars quite a bit lately... heheh.
This one's nice!
Raziel: is this the Chinese DBZ movie you're talking about? It's pretty gross..... who would've thought that the Saiyan hair (you know, Goku's and Vegeta's) would look soo cool in the comic book/anime, yet sooo dorky in real life? :D
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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