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A reason I kept myself away from N64 emulation is because I never got any N64 emu to actually work perfect with any game.

Well more than a year later I come back to try some N64 emus. So far it seems Project 64 1.3 is the best N64 emu. Well of the 25+ games I have tried on it. Maybe 1 or 2 run perfect on it...

The rest

1) lock up
2) run super slow.
3) have too many glitches
4) really bad sound etc...

Anyways here are some examples... Cruisn' USA works kinna with lots of graphics glitches. Cruisn' World on the other hand works great, even the sound is great, no graphics glitches. However it runs like 40fps on my hardware which really surprises me.

Now Donkey Kong 64 was running like 1.8fps displaying that N64 logo. I didn't wait to see if it got any farther than that.

Mario64 seems to work really nice and speed is good.

The rest I tried were very slow, bad sound, lots of glitches etc...

This is my system specs and my settings!

Athlon Thunderbird 1.4Ghz at 1.55Ghz
Abit KT7A-RAID Motherboard
Asus V7700 Geforce 2 GTS 32 Meg (overclocked at 220/391)
Sound Blaster Live! Value (The first sblive I belive)
512MB PC-133 Cas2 RAM
Windows XP

Latest drivers for everything. Running Detonator 22.50!

My settings for Project 64 1.3 are

Video Plugin : Jabo's Direct3D6 1.30

Display settings

-Direct3D HAL
-1024x768 (window)
-1280x1024 16-bit (full screen)
-do not use triple buffered page flips with vsync
-no wireframe of course

Emulation settings

-RSP code simulation: Microcode 1
-Geometry transforms: External
-Enabled fog
-Do not use 32-bit textures
-Do not change blending mode if invalid for video card


-Frame Buffer emulation: Auto
-Force Depth compare
-Force Depth enable
-Force Bilinear filtering
-Do not force normal blending
-Enable display list culing

Note: I enbaled those because they don't seem to affect performance although I'm not sure what those settings do besides bilinear filtering.

RSP plugin configuration


Sound plugin: Jabo's DirectSound 1.30


-Sync audio

I chosed this plugin because it gives me the best performance. It looks like the sound processing is what kills my fps!

Input plugin: N-Rage`s Direct-Input8 1.60

Works good for controller but I rumble pack and memory pack don't work well. Some games detect everything good, some don't.

Emulator settings

-CPU Core: Recompiler
-Self Modifying code handling: Protect memory
-RDRAM size: 8 Meg
-speed limiter: 60fps NTSC

I chosed protect mode because the readme.txt says is the most compatible and it seems to be true.

Now can anyone tell me what is wrong here. I can play PSX games full speed 60/60 at 1600x1200 no problem and this N64 games run at 30-45fps?

Some do run full speed 60fps.

Also are my settings good? I do get a lot of glitches on many games.

And finally can you guys recomend some games that do run exellent on N64 emulators.

This are the games I have tried so far:

- Automobili Lamborghini (U) [!] (works and looks great but is too slow to play

- Blues Brothers 2000 (U) [!] (works good but speed is 30-45fps)
- Bomberman 64 - The Second Attack! (U) [!] (too many graphics glitches)
- Bomberman 64 (U) [!] (lots of graphics glitches too)
- Bomberman Hero (U) [!] (very slow loading, can't really tell if works)
- Buck Bumble (U) [!] (can't remember if works)
- Bust-A-Move 3 DX (E) [!] (can't play, graphics glitches)
- Bust-A-Move '99 (U) [!] (Same as above)
- Castlevania - Legacy of Darkness (U) [!] (works but has graphics glitches, playable)
- Castlevania (U) [!] (I think this one works good)
- Chameleon Twist 2 (U) [!] (graphics glitches, can't see menus, unplayable)
- Chameleon Twist (U) [!] (I think is the same as above)
- Cruis'n Exotica (U) [!] (won't even start, fatal error with Graphics plugin)
- Cruis'n USA (U) (V1.2) [!] (works, full speed but lots of graphics glitches)
- Cruis'n World (E) [!] (This one works great but 40fps only)

And many more I have tried. But as you can see compatibity is not that great for me...

Please do post the names of games known to run fine on N64 emulators.

Thanks! :)

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saulin - somethings wrong, ur pc specs are amazing, u shoud be getting perfect 60vi/s in all playable games, accept the odd few like crusin usa and 1080 which both hav been broken in 1.3.

u hav got a strange bunch of games, i mean the one point where pj64 is kinda weak is the less good games, where theres a 50/50 chance is the game is gonna work.

i would go for (in no particular order):
- both zelda games where majoras mask works better (both games hav very very few gfx bugs and play fast)
- ridge racer is good
-super smash brothers
-turok 2 (runs amazing, very few if any gfx bugs)
-tony hawks series (incredible speed and gfx)
-harvest moon (use triple page bufering...)
rayman 2 (incredible gfx)
-turok rage wars (menus are missing cursor, but ingame is perfect)
-mario party
-conkers bad fur day (full of small gfx errors, but the game is magnificant)
-pokemon stadium 2
-banjo kazooie
-rocket robot on wheels

... i could go on foreva, but basically most decent games work

as far as plugins & settings are concerned only change these:

rdram size: 8meg (expansion pak)
chk mem and cache (for 1.3)

make sure ini overrides default settings.

change jabos d3d 1.3 to have internal and often some glitches are helped by disabling fog (although i like to keep this on).

sound: choose jabos directsound as ur system is good enuff, but if u r finding problems try zilmars.

input: use nrages, no questions ask, this plugin rules.

USE PJ64 1.3, but u can also use pj64 1.2 for broken games like 1080 and

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Thax guys. I tried some of the settings recommended by some of you and it did make a difference in loading time. Now games load much faster. Also I tried some of the recommended game sthat I have and yeah they run sweet 60/60. However some of the ones I had tried still don't give me 60fps but they seem to have improved. Blues Brothers 2000 gives me 45-55fps

Cruisn' World still gives me 40max fps on gameplay, it gives 50/50 on menus etc... but it feels nice when playing.

But overal speed did increase in most games.
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