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Heres a quote from the read me supplied with petes plugin---

- OGL/D3D plugins: repaired a small scissoring issue and
coded a new special game fix... this time it's an option
called "Lazy upload detection", and it can be used with
Dragon Warrior 7, to repair the flickering effects with
text boxes in that game. It's not a 100% fix, since the text
boxes will not get semi-transparent if the fix is enabled,
and the bkg graphics will not be animated anymore, but
at least the flickering is gone... well, you can also turn off
the fix and turn on "Full vram primitives", if you have a
powerfull cpu, that will emulate the text boxes more
accurate, but the bkg gfx will get ugly low-res... well, it's up
to you :)
I only had a save state, not the full game, so I can't tell you
if there are more issues with DW7... but if the rest of the
game is coded like the text boxes (using a third display
buffer for uploads, bah), I am sure there will be more problems ;)
Oh, and the text boxes are using the psx mask bit as well
(sure... simple pseudo triple-buffering would be too easy ;)
So if you don't see any text boxes at all, try to turn off the
"mask bit" gpu option... that will help gfx cards which don't
like my mask bit emulation.
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