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No sir, I don't like it.
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Before purchasing any novelty product, you should check out the reviews first.

We'd been tracking the Cyborg Keyboard since Saitek's announcement last year and sneak-peak at CES in January. It took awhile for it to reach our labs, and once it finally did, we felt it was worth the wait. It's flashy, and a bit excessive in the Las-Vegas-anything-goes sort of way, but it's not perfect. Behind the fancy lighting and advanced controls are blemishes that hold it back as a great gaming keyboard.

As a regular typing keyboard, the keys spawn soft and cushy tactile feedback, with enough of a click to recall days of old IBM keyboards. The cool-factor is in the lighting effects more so than its overall design; it lacks a polished, sleek facade found in keyboards like the Razer Tarantula. The touch-sensitive dashboard complements the keyboard's futuristic motif and its plethora of controls will keep users busy. The added USB 2.0 port and audio jacks aren't too bad to have around either.

The Cyborg is marred by some clunky keys and crummy software. The spacebar feels like soda was dried up beneath it, and the Cyborg keys give off a cheap, low-end feel. The included software was probably the biggest annoyance. It needs a more polished and intuitive interface, and the software's Profile Editor was consistently inconsistent. We had trouble getting the darned thing to work properly. The included instructional manual could also have been a bit more comprehensive. It's one of those manuals that covers every language known to man, but still manages to leave gaps when you have questions.

As for price, it will cost you an expected $80 for all the bells and whistles. That's a decent price for this high-end keyboard, but it would be an even better deal if everything worked according to plan.
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