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What do you think women want?

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As the subject suggests, what do you think women want? You can be as general or specific as you'd like to be. I'm still inclined to say status, power, and money, but what do you think?
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monty doesnt sound like a girls name.
anyhow i believe that women are alwasy looking for an unattainable ideal. any guy they are with at the moment is an inevitable stepping stone :evil:
well, i was too lazy to go into details.
i beleive my gf falls into the "smart" category. at least thats what she tells me anyway..
Originally posted by Sangu|ne
of course she falls into the smart category, you goober. She's with you, isn't she?
well, its kinda funny cuz im the one with all the "nuclear family" aspirations. she wants to do some research to change the world..
go fig..
gk: what are you smoking? ;)
enigma: dude, weve already moved past the original topic, get with it man! j/k ;)
Originally posted by Gk1986
I agree with you. My GF (I guess it's a trend to use this acronym) is a bit too serious, and she NEVER admits it if she's wrong. Ever.
heh, yur plumb outta luck then..
hopefully you will make it over the "3 month" hill
Originally posted by Ryoga

until you are taken? huh that makes no sense unless you are in a 3rd rate sitcom. mostly the guys won't want that girl even after she is taken :) just kidding don't hurt me, please.

BTW, DAMN I must be getting onld, well I am now 20 and already two of my GOOD HS friends (a male and a female) are having a baby, damn this is getting scary.
man, triangle are far too easy to fall into. ive been in a couple strange situations myself.
as for scary, im only 21 and everyone has been talkin about marriage.. i hafta scrounge up scraps to buy a ring..
ryos: the dating scene is overrated. get flatmates to hook you up.
ryoga: dont you know by now girls are never older than 23? they have a complecated equation to figure out their age and weight, kinda like womens shoe sizes..
Originally posted by kairi00

How come I haven't been able to find any of these women? sigghh.... just my luck :(
you hafta wear special chick descrimination glasses..
i just happen to have a pair handy.. $100? ;)
1 - 8 of 363 Posts
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