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What do you think women want?

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As the subject suggests, what do you think women want? You can be as general or specific as you'd like to be. I'm still inclined to say status, power, and money, but what do you think?
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So the women who are too smart are about 70% of all women? :confused:
> gk: what are you smoking?

What ISN'T Gk smoking? :p
> I think that Ryos is just trying to prove a point about his theary that the threads about woman get the most posts, but since I have no reasons to prove him wrong, I will still post

Ryoga: actually, I'm posting this because Sangu|ne requested a post on this topic. I warned her about the tainted results, but she doesn't seem to mind...yet. :D
> As for the original topic... intelligence, charm, and humor.
> Pfft, I wish.

:rofl: isn't that the truth? Sigh.
Sangu|ne: :cry:

Ryoga: "she brought me to Filenes today and told me I can pick out any peice of lingerie I want to for her," huh? You know, I think I'm going to need a blood transfusion for my nose...
No, Bgnome is a dead, gnome. Here they're entertaining thoughts of marriage, and I can't even find that elusive date! :mg:
Originally posted by Gk1986
Normally I'd point and laugh at you, but as you're an admins and I value my post count, I won't
Smart. Very smart. :evil: ;)
Originally posted by Ryoga
goto church, best girls are at church :) its wher I met my GF and we have been together for 2 years now. Ok so its also where I met my GF right before her, and we only went out for a night :) (24 hour relay and got to share a tent)
I go to church at Old People Church (no, that's not actually the name, that's what it pretty much is). They're either married or too old to remember what their name is. At least next year I can join the singles group they have here...uh...if it's still around next year. :(
> ryos: the dating scene is overrated. get flatmates to hook you up.

You know, I thought the British were strange. This isn't helping my opinion any, at least if the site is the one you are referring to (
Originally posted by Ryoga
now you are a dead man, but this girl was HOT, I just wis it wasn't so dark in there. Unfortuneately nothing really happend, we just talked kissed and slept together, nothing more.
AIIEEE, my nose! I'm going to have to get the thing amputated. :cry:
Originally posted by Ryoga
You think that means anything? I was at a confirmation retreat where guys and gals slept in separate rooms. Let me put it this way, conversations were of a less than religious nature. ;) Did I mention the really cute girl I liked in that group got married right after we got confirmed? Sigh.
Originally posted by Sangu|ne
Ryos.. Ryos... Ryos.... why don't you do what normal men do..
Use esoteric anime knowledge to sweep a woman off her feet? :confused:
Originally posted by Sangu|ne
actually.. i was referring to Ryos' nosebleeds.. but.. uhmm... course. I knew that. :heh:
Originally posted by Gk1986
Well, I'm off to bed now. good night.
That's certainly a way to slow it down. o_O Night.
Originally posted by Sangu|ne
I can't believe people try to pick up girls at churches... then again... how many "true" christians are there? how many out there are actually celibate until marriage *laugh snort* whatever.
I am! Of course...uh...that's not by choice. :p
Enigma: a conga is a type of drum.
Originally posted by Ryoga
damnit, I meant to put the song express yourself by madonna on my little chart, oh well.
You can edit that in, you know...
Originally posted by Enigma1982
Well I gonna to update my webpage now.
See ya................
Ooh ooh ooh! What's new?
Originally posted by Ryoga
god damnit, I just installed the language in regional settings for EVERY lagnuage that win2k comes with and I still can't see special characters like Thai or Japanese
You don't have an encoding function?
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