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What do you think women want?

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As the subject suggests, what do you think women want? You can be as general or specific as you'd like to be. I'm still inclined to say status, power, and money, but what do you think?
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*gasp in shock* Bg!! Do you think your girlfriend thinks of you as a stepping stone??? That's not healthy.....

Okay... well, what women want. Darnit.. we want it ALL!! no.. that's not right..w ell, I said in another post earlier... there are three types of women.... stupid women, smart women... and the ones who are too smart for their own good. Funny enough.. sometimes there is a strange hybrid of the stupid woman and the too-smart woman.

Stupid Woman: Money, cars, divorce so she can get half of property.

Smart Woman: Can see the future. Wants things that will last into the future... ie: the insides, not the outsides

Women who are too smart: The ideal man and the rest are just stepping stones... because they think they're "too good" for anyone

Hybrid: They're usually delusional and want everything yet want nothing. Usually hypocrites.

Voila. If you want specifics... ask away.
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of course she falls into the smart category, you goober. She's with you, isn't she?
Okay.. what Gk said makes *no* sense... and Fou... I'm generally pretty nice to Bg.. he's saved my butt more than once when I've asked for advice/answers. :p of course it wasn't supposed to hurt... if you *READ* the comment again, it was supposed to be a compliment. I don't give them out that often... I know.. I'm rusty. :p
Enigma: You're... from where... Hong Kong? Just a guess...

Ryoga: HAHAHAAH... that's awesome.
methinks Ryos is an egg. :) Yeah.. Enigma.. I figured you came from some asian place... especially one where women still play an obviously submissive role.
Ry: awww.. hey. look... I make the bed I sleep in... I know what kind of horrid responses would come up in that thread.... and I can't help reading most of them with a half-smirk on my face.

AND... Ryos.. there are some of us out there who *do* want intelligence, humour and a touch of charm. It's just that men rarely want.. us. until we're taken anyhow.. then they suddenly fall out of the trees left and right.
Ryoga: You...Are a dead man. and.. never.. ever... ever.. mention being 20... as being old... grrrr.
Ry.... you and your nosebleeds. heheh.. you know.. it just means that somethign *REALLY* good is waiting for you over the horizon. :)

Ryoga. You're still a dead man.

Nasal Sanguination? Heeey....
Ryos.. Ryos... Ryos.... why don't you do what normal men do..
actually.. i was referring to Ryos' nosebleeds.. but.. uhmm...

Ryoga: Dood. You are.. way too late. but... I will do this *gently nudging Ryoga's name to off her top ten hitlist*
hahah.. Ryos.. that was my reply too.. except I wasn't allowed to post it due to the 60 second rule.... hehehe. :)
I can't believe people try to pick up girls at churches... then again... how many "true" christians are there? how many out there are actually celibate until marriage *laugh snort* whatever.
Carrots? Whaa...? Okay.... just read the entire thing.... that's some interesting phrase you have there Tak... then again.. I'm sure that if all idioms from other languages were translated directly into english... they'd all sound pretty ... uhmm.. "different":eyes:
Rhi: Only one a day? You filthy... j/k Nah.... I don't see using water for an actual good purpose like hygeine as wastage... as for constantl sprinkling on say... a sport like golf... perhaps. ;) heheh.

Ry: I completely agree with your view on relationships... good insight. :)
*grumble* I always knew men were evil.. evil evil evil... I actually liked that movie anyhow.. watching Mel Gibson try on pantyhose was hilarious.
evil. all of you... *attempts at performing some exorcism* grr... stupid dollar-store spell book...

*I* think all men should be women for a few days... just to see what it's like.
Fine.. I think all men should have periods for about a year...
Loook.. women like sex as much as the next guy... just... they like it different than guys like it.. well.. no.. they like it the same.. they like to orgasm too. And yes... love love love love and love. If she doesn't want that, obviously she doesn't love you. She's usually a gold digger then.
Originally posted by Xeven
well, that's a lot of love and a lot of sex Sangu|ne .. hehe:p:evil::evil::evil:
MmmmmMm... oohhhh yeah baby... hehehe... yeah right. I wish. with the boyfriend in California and me in Vancouver... bleh.. I'm more like a ... errr.. wait... I'm just going to keep my carnal desires to myself.
:) you guys are too cute sometimes... dumb.. but cute... j/k ;)
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