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What do you think women want?

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As the subject suggests, what do you think women want? You can be as general or specific as you'd like to be. I'm still inclined to say status, power, and money, but what do you think?
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Originally posted by Betamax
If it wasn't 2:30 am I'd go and ask my roommate :p But as she is an Sci Fi/Fantasy nut I assume it would be to be an x-men (or should that be x-woman). You should see the amount of comics:eek:
gggg girl roomate? what college do you go to :evil:
Originally posted by Ryos
As the subject suggests, what do you think women want? You can be as general or specific as you'd like to be. I'm still inclined to say status, power, and money, but what do you think?

I think beauty more than anything else...or else they wouldn't always be comparing themselves to someone else.

Money, status, and power are also important too :p
Originally posted by Sangu|ne
Voila. If you want specifics... ask away.
What about techhie women like yourself or others?
Originally posted by Sangu|ne
of course she falls into the smart category, you goober. She's with you, isn't she?
no. yesterday.
Bg: Speak to my lawyer first :D
Sang: I meant to say that she was here yesterday, not today.
Ryos:... ... I'll figure some witty comment later :p
BTW What nationality are you, Ryos? American?
Originally posted by Ryos
> As for the original topic... intelligence, charm, and humor.
> Pfft, I wish.

:rofl: isn't that the truth? Sigh.
I agree with you. My GF (I guess it's a trend to use this acronym) is a bit too serious, and she NEVER admits it if she's wrong. Ever.
Originally posted by Ryos
No, Bgnome is a dead, gnome. Here they're entertaining thoughts of marriage, and I can't even find that elusive date! :mg:
Normally I'd point and laugh at you, but as you're an admins and I value my post count, I won't
Originally posted by Ryoga
we just talked kissed and slept together, nothing more.
WHOAA!!! Sure that's it...:wink: (j/k)
Originally posted by Sangu|ne
actually.. i was referring to Ryos' nosebleeds.. but.. uhmm...

Ryoga: Dood. You are.. way too late. but... I will do this *gently nudging Ryoga's name to off her top ten hitlist*
Betcha I'm No. 1!
Originally posted by Enigma1982
You guy post very fast I can't read after all.
There are too many and I need time to translate it you know.
sorry, d00d. We'll slow down.

Well, I'm off to bed now. good night.
Originally posted by Sangu|ne
*grumble* I always knew men were evil.. evil evil evil... I actually liked that movie anyhow.. watching Mel Gibson try on pantyhose was hilarious.
gave me nightmares, that one. Seeing Braveheart cross dress was frightening.
Originally posted by Sangu|ne
evil. all of you... *attempts at performing some exorcism* grr... stupid dollar-store spell book...

*I* think all men should be women for a few days... just to see what it's like.
been there, done that...:heh:...after the trannies excercise, didn't find anything new.
Originally posted by Sangu|ne
Fine.. I think all men should have periods for about a year...
that's not fair!!! with Ryos' lack a blood already, that'll do him in!!!
Originally posted by Fou-lu

Regular bleeds and nosebleeds don't kill anyone,does it? :evil:
sure they do...:evil:
Originally posted by Fou-lu

Surelly you are :lol:
But beware, from time to time there's someone with a infinite shot rocket launcher to wipe out undead things...
Be careful of what you wish for...
:rockets: :rockets: :rockets: :rockets: :rockets: :rockets: :rockets: :rockets: :rockets: :rockets: :rockets: :rockets:

BTW geez. 680? What is the world coming too?
Originally posted by Fou-lu

See what I told ya Ryoga.

Gk: You tell me, mister over 50 posts a day ;)
actually, it's 26 posts (according to the profile) :D. Y'know, Ryos, if I ever leave this site, I think I've found the perfect replacement.
Originally posted by Ryos
Yes, he did. Guess he forgot about that. ;)
HOLY [email protected]#$!!! And I still have those [email protected]#$ [email protected]#$!%^!$^...:heh: Guess I'll go do them now. See ya.
Originally posted by Ryos
I couldn't stand What Women Want (at least the six minutes or so I watched of it). Does some like a good date movie, though.
watched up 'til the crossdressing, then slept through the rest.
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