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What do you think women want?

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As the subject suggests, what do you think women want? You can be as general or specific as you'd like to be. I'm still inclined to say status, power, and money, but what do you think?
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Some want to have a stupid rich husband, a hot lover and a powerfull and ferocious dog.
Originally posted by Betamax

Actually I rent a house with two friends. One of them (Monty) had a question earilier. Heath is the other.
You mean you're surrounded by women? :eek:
Originally posted by Ryoga
damnit, I meant to put the song express yourself by madonna on my little chart, oh well.
Edit it yourself then, geez
Originally posted by takmadeus
I think they want sex and fun...... after all, they are human too, but we (I mean, men) don't let them express freely...

don't you think so?
Yeah, but I still think that they want sex and fun, not with you (in general) and money, power, and a fierce dog...
Originally posted by Ryoga
YOU ARE RIGHT, I can, but I won't pissed off with that HTML code, I wrote it in the little forum box area, then I previewed post and it would show up so far down,. so I tested in 2 dif HTML editers, doesn't happend, tested in IE and Netscape, still didn't happen would work fine, spent 30 minutes trying to find what was wrong, decided MUST be the forums and gave up, so am not going back there for now.
Suit yourself. :)
Originally posted by takmadeus

with me... (and if it is general, then with who?)
You surelly woudn't want to know... :p
Originally posted by Asz
I would think it depended on the woman of choice.
Wich one would you choose?
We know they want money, you even gave some! :lol:
Originally posted by Ryoga
how do you install the language pack for windows 2k? anyone know?
Please Ryoga, I know this is offtopic but, win2k and women don't get so well. sigh
Okay, Control panel -> regional settings, should be easy to find.
Originally posted by takmadeus

:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

huh... well, supposedly women have sex with men, unless it's a lesbian... or are you talking about "instruments"?
I did not say that :heh:
Although you got the idea...
Originally posted by Ryoga
god damnit, I just installed the language in regional settings for EVERY lagnuage that win2k comes with and I still can't see special characters like Thai or Japanese
I can't believe you came back with this question *double sigh*
Restarted the IE at least? seek in the 3rd menu from the left, and you should see something about the encoding for the pages, select what you want...
Originally posted by takmadeus
hah! kinda off-topic again...

behave yourselves or our "lovable" admin (sandie) will close this one...

I remember that the last post on topic was mine....

so let´s continue OK?
IT'S NOT THAT! As it was stated in another posts, in a loveable chat this afternoon (it's 3 am here for me) and in the announcement, I though everyone should know what happened...

[edit] We all agreed this would be our social area, if it's offtopic then it's offtopic. The problem is what happens when we are talking about girls and someone comes with a win2k problem ;)
Umm, I'll refrain my stick if you refrain yours, agreed?
I think the word you may have mispelled Enigma, can be replaced by spaghetti ;)
Originally posted by takmadeus

yup! personally, I'm a football (soccer) fan, after all it is kinda our adopted sport :D
Yeah you live near Brazil, the ex-best soccer team in the world...
Originally posted by Gk1986
that's not fair!!! with Ryos' lack a blood already, that'll do him in!!!
Regular bleeds and nosebleeds don't kill anyone,does it? :evil:
Originally posted by Gk1986
sure they do...:evil:
Hmm, if so, half of the boards regular would be dead by now... :p
Originally posted by Ryoga

not me, I don't bleeed, I am undead
Surelly you are :lol:
But beware, from time to time there's someone with a infinite shot rocket launcher to wipe out undead things...
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