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what do u think of this?

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AMD Athlon™ 64
3000+ Processor

Operating System
Microsoft® Windows® XP
Home Edition

PC-3200 400MHz

Hard Drive
80GB Seagate
Serial ATA 8MB Cache

Graphics Card
9600 XT 128MB DDR

Sound Card
Creative Sound Blaster®
Audigy 2 ZS

Price : £959 (inc. VAT exc.Del)

is it worth it? or do u think i should change the specs?
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I bout a machine recently and assembled it myself, for a friend of mine. It cost a little over GB£1.1k inc VAT and delivery
Athlon 64 3200+ (739-pin)/cheapy board (quite adequete tho, has 4 SATA ports and all the usial Firewire/USB stuff)
512MB 400MHz RAM (2 sticks of 256)
80Gb Maxtor IDE HDD
ATi Radeon x800 PRO
Onboard sound
17" DVI-TFT Monitor (1280x1024)

From that, the monitor was ~250 quid, and the x800 is about 200 quid more expensive than a 9600. You have an Audigy there, which is nice, but whether it's worth the extra cash is really a personal thing
That's the UK for you. Our prices are extortionate.
Hell, my average quality 450W PSU costs as much as a top quality 550W one in hte states
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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