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to begin with DO NOT bother with uhle or superhle as u it is likely ur gfx card is not made by 3dfx. wat WE need to know is ur pc specs, like how fast it its, video card, sound card, ram...u get the drift.

pj64 is the most compatible emu out at the moment. ull be able to play games like Majoras Mask, Smash Brothers, Banjo Kazzoie, Turok 2 (huge huge huge list of games). now if u wanna know EVERYTHING about this emu, from wat exact games work ,to why certain games dont work or hav issues go to this site and head for the project 64 section.

now ill giv a quick guide on wat u need.

pentiumIII or AMD processor minimum of about 600mhz to actually hav a half decent experience (i recommend a 800mhz for a pretty much guaranteed good speed in most games). u need some sort of NVIDIA graphics card (could be a shitty TNT or an amazing Geforce 3). u need a reasonable sound card, like a soundblaster (basically a shitty intergrated no brand souncard will give awful sound feedback). i would say at LEAST 128 ram.

u seem pretty clueless :D so if u wanna know wat ur system specs are do this:

1)right click on 'My computer'
2) select properties
3) on the screen that appears u should be told how fast ur pc i, wat processor brand u hav, and how much ram(i.e mine says AMD Athlon Processor, 959 mhz, 256 ram)
4) click on the hardware tab, and select device manager.
5) under display adapter is the name of ur video/gfx card (my says NVIDIA Geforce 2 GTS/ Geforce 2 Pro)
6) under 'sound, video and game controllers' u can find the name of ur sound card (mine says Creative Live! (WDM) )

once uve got this info reply back, and we can help u more.
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