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What config/plugins should i use for my system?

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Hi guys i been trying to use PCSX2 to run SSX Tricky it seems to run the graphics fine with a few dips into the 37 or so FPS but seems to stay around 55-60 fps

But the sound is quite slow...

My current system is as follows..
OS : Windows Xp Pro
Asus S775 Intel X38 DDR3 ATX Audio Lan Motherboard
Intel Quad core Q9550 @ 2.83ghz
Corsair Memory 4GB (2X2GB KIT) DDR3 1600MHZ 240PIN UNBUFFERED
XFX GeForce GTX 260 660MHz 896MB DDR3 PCIE DVI (Black Edition)

I am using PCSX2 0.9.6 with all the default settings.

Many Thanks for all who reply

Regards Pink.
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You seem to have a fairly high end machine so I will give you the plugin set I use:

Video: GSDX (SSSE3 version) - Be sure to configure it and set it to run in DirectX 10 mode (since your video card DOES support that)

Audio: SPU-X - I Find this to be the most complete audio plugin thus far and the time stretching effect used when the emulator does slow down sounds a LOT better than the choppiness other audio plugins create

Input: Whatever you prefer depending on the controller you have.

Cd/DVD Rom: Make sure this is set to read ISOs. Do not run the game through your discs because it's horribly slow. Dump your discs to ISOs first and then run that.

Keep the rest of the plugins at their default.

MISC: You may or may not want to set the default cycle rate to 2x under speed hacks (also make sure you have enabled multi-threaded support too). This is a personal preference though because it WILL cause some FMVs to be choppy but it's made up for the performance increase you get. For example, for me in FFXII, there were times when the framerate would drop to 45-50 but with the speed hack on, I could keep it at a full 60FPS.
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Oops. I overlooked your operating system. No it is not compatible so you will have to use Directx 9.0 until you get either Windows Vista or Windows 7 (when it is released).

Also, I haven't really explore lilypad yet but will be doing so soon. Beforehand, I was using Xpad for my xbox 360 controller. I'll get back to you once I figure it out or someone else who uses it more regularly may be able to answer.
Agreed. I tried that hack back when I had XP and it doesn't work. Even if you did get it going with GSDX, who knows what glitches you'd end up with that wouldn't normally be there.

Anyhow, I explored lilypad some more. As for the analog button, you rarely need it for PS2 games. Usually a game enables analog input automatically giving you no option to toggle it off. This feature was more for PSX games (which can be played on a real PS2 obviously) because older ones did not support the analog sticks and the controller would not work at all when they were enabled (as you probably remember, the Dual Analog and Dual Shock controllers were not released until later in the PSX's time frame). For PCSX2, it's there for the sake of completeness but likely has no practical use.
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