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What are your E3 2005 highlights?

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Now that E3 2005 is over what are your highlights of the event?

My highlights:

Best Presentation: Sony

Worst Presentation: Microsoft (Never Lived up to the MTV hype)

Best Looking Game: UT 2007, Kill Zone 2

Disappointing No-show: Duke Nukem Forever, The Phantom :)

Worst Represented Game: Perfect Dark Zero

Most Disappointing Offering: Final Fantasy XI for Xbox 360 (No enchancements)

Games Looking Forward to: Warhammer 40k: Winter Assault, Mega Man Zero 3, Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends, Gunstar Super Heroes.
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They are making a sequel to Gunstar Heroes?! That was my favorite Genesis game! That game beter rock.
DarkAurora said:
They are making a sequel to Gunstar Heroes?! That was my favorite Genesis game! That game beter rock.

I'm hoping it's beter than Guardian Heroes.

Edit: What I meant was Guardian Heroes GBA version.
I wish Nintendo had more of revolution to show, but if its not ready then why try to stick out some cheap CGI that don't show the system at all. I do believe that Sony and Microsofts demos were enhanced or complete CGI.

Right now all the games I want are for the DS except for Zelda, pretty much the next gen is a big disappointment.
Disappointing no show : FFXII

Best Presentation: Microsoft

Real Best: Sony
PS3, Legend of Zelda : Twilight Princess, Final Fantasy VII Technical Demo for PS3 (I so wish they will make a remake :p) , Killzone (Amazing graphics) , other stuff I can't remember
This year I was accually there, and might I say that I did not like the Microsoft area. I really liked Call of Dudy 2's preview that I waited in a 30-40 minuet line for. All in All I loved going.
Best presentation : Sony (Cause I'm only have PS2)
Worst presentation : umm...I don't know
Best looking games : Burnout 3, Midnight Club 3, Shadow hearts 2, God of War, Zone of the Enders 2, MGS series.
Dissapointing no show : Bloody Roar 5 :(
Worst represented game : ...don't know either
most dissapointing offer : Bloody roar 4, LoTR the third age
Games most looking forward : Black & White 2 :D
My Personal highlights:

Best Presentation:

I will also say Sony their visual layout was fantastic. Nintendo had good showing of the new Zelda but that was about the best they had.

Worst Presentation:

I can’t really say who had the worst presentation. But over 60% of everything shown this year was unspectacular in my eyes. The entire show, relatively flat overall.

Best Looking demonstration:

Kill Zone and MotorStorm were the best looking video demonstrations I saw. The short flashes of Tekken and Devil May Cry looked nice as well.

Best Looking Game Demo:

These are the playable demo games I think looked the best visually.

Prey, Kingdom Hearts II, Soulcalibur III, and Gears of War.

Disappointing No-show:

Max Payne 3 (it was announced over 2 years ago. I hear production has not even stated yet. :( ) Also Virtua Fighter 360 and Shinobi were disappointing No-shows as well.

Worst Represented Game:

Metal Gear Solid 4 (the video was funny but not much of trailer)

Most Disappointing Offering:

Phantasy Star Universe (Not what I was hoping for)

Games Looking Forward to:

Gunstar Super Heroes, Soulcalibur III KoF NeoWave, Ninja Gaiden Black, Prey, Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow.
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DarkAurora said:
They are making a sequel to Gunstar Heroes?! That was my favorite Genesis game! That game beter rock.
Indeed! Can't wait for this.. gonna pick it up the day it's released.. I loved Gunstar Heroes to death.
Yes, your avatar shows as much
I also forgot to mention The Warriors. It looks like it may be a faithful recreation of the film. But I do not like the use of the Grand Theft Auto/Manhunt engine. I was also hoping for it to come out on more capable hardware. (or perhaps a more capable developer)

Some of you may remember this strange movie (made in 1979) what do you think of the game adaptation?

(Can you dig it ;) )


Rockstar has revealed further details of its upcoming game adaptation of the 1979 cult-classic, The Warriors. The game will be beat-em-up in the style of GTA (huge, open levels). We’re thinking a River City Ransom for the 21st Century—Rockstar threw the names “Double Dragon” & “Streets of Rage” into its description. That’s legacy…

Rockstar has promised to stay faithful to the movie’s plot, but will also include a prequel in the game’s story. Hopefully we’ll all be seeing more of The Warriors soon—maybe E3? Whatever the case, it’s definitely got our attention. We’ll keep you posted.

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It's not going to be amazing, that's for sure. Only Sega can do justice to the Streets of Rage name. Throwing it in as part of a game's description is like adding 'made of solid gold' to a car's decription. Unless the phrase is something like 'will be no where near as good as Streets of Rage', it's going to ba a falsehood
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