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Basic Input Output System. As the name implies, this is the most basic interface which is burned into many electronic devices.
On the PS2 the BIOS is the thing that runs when you turn on the system without any disc inside, and with it you can set the clock time, language, access your memory card, and a few other things. When you put the game in, it's the BIOS which tells the system how to run the game.
PC's also have BIOS's, usually accessable by pressing delete when you first power on. Computer BIOS options vary, but they usually tell you what kind of hardware devices are installed in your computer and what brand of motherboard you have. The computer BIOS also is in charge of launching whatever Operating System is installed on your hard drive or on removable disks.
Pretty much any electronic device with a digital readout has a BIOS burned onto their hardware, even TV's and MP3 players and mobile phones these days.
In conclusion, BIOS is the basic software burned onto electronic devices which allows them to run at a basic level.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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