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What about this quite unknown PSX-Emu?!?!?

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Some years ago I downloaded this PSX-Emu here: *deleted*
I didn´t hear anything more of it - but it works quite good and some titles are really running perfect! (as example Resident Evil2 & Wild9). The connection to this site was and is very awful and dl-breakdowns seemed to prevent this emulator to get more famous. I think it has a lot potential for a beta release. Has anyone heared anything more from it or does know more about it (newer releases somewhere else)?

Take a look at it and say what do you think about it..
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just dowloaded the file and i'm about to test it with my games.
ni hindi nga ako magpunta sa na website na yan, pa-attach naman pre...:D :D :D

translation: i couldn't open the site.., so is it possible to attach it here? or is it too big...:confused:
malaki eh... 624 kb


it's big... 624 kb
it looks like it is a vgs clone like konemu:confused:

i don't know if it is better:confused:

i could attach it to your e-mail if you want.
ooh ooh, the link is working now!:D and it started downloading too, course its hard to navigate this page, i cant understand anything:eek:. i think it'll be ok, BTW, THANKS for the offer:D :D :D

[now, lets start torturing this thing...] :heh::rockets:
hmm... wonder what these stuff is all about....:confused:
i cant understand anything with the menus...:(
Xeven and Ultragunner Huh? mga abusayap pala kayo?
thats info from the tnksfx.dat (or whatever) file that CVGS puts into your temp directory.. read the text.. you can find more info about that temp file at
it would seem that this thing is just a hack of vgs and hence please dont mention it again, unless proven otherwise.
yup, just as i thought, its prolly just some lamers hack of vgs.:mad:

thats info from the tnksfx.dat (or whatever) file that CVGS puts into your temp directory.. read the text.. you can find more info about that temp file at
(the hexdump isn't actually from the tnksfx.dat Bgnome, its from the contested "emu's" executable, but i can't do a file compare between tnksfx.dat and this things .exe since i don't have vgs handy with me...)
i just took a look at the first pic you posted and saw "double secret probation mutex" which i remember aldo mentioning when he checked the hex on that file..
I wonder what Connectix meant by that, eh? :)
sayang! di ko naabutan yung fake VGS na yun!

(ack! too bad i didn't catch that fake vgs link) :p

i would've wanted to test it. :) but then again, it _might_ launch a Trojan/worm/virus in my system or something nasty like that... i often turn off my virus scanner when running VGS. :emb:
Its a hack!!!!

I downloaded the file and installed the software and thankfully until now norton antivirus havent detected anything.

As far as the emu goes its surely a vgs heck.With same type of configurations and same type of sound and graphics.I dont know why but it doesnt display the games in fullscreen(leaving a section of screen empty)

It even automatically imported my vgs memory cards (and even continued my save game automatically in cvgs).It shows same compatibility and same problems.

Now why in the hell someone make a hack like this?(may be to make the real software work in their language).
You think VGS doesn't work in, say, Jap Win98? :confused:

well anyway, even if VGS had menus written in Russian I can still easily configure it....all it needs is just create a memcard, configure the buttons and i'm done. :)
there were a couple hacks made that i know of..
some have little add ons most of which are patches you can get at aldos site.
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