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well its great to here that tatsunoko vs capcom is fullspeed and stable

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In this revision of dolphin4434 tatsunoko vs capcom is up to 95 percent fullspeed and 97 percent stable with very little graphical glitches its hardly noticeable. Thanks to a few settings i was able to play it at very enjoyable speeds. In this revision they fixed and addressed alot of issues. One of the issues in tatsunoko vs capcom was the lagging when doing specials in this revision they addressed that issue. In this revision there is very little lagging vs the longer lagging. The game play is much smoother you can perform actual combos and chain them one after another at faster frame rates. Hardly no slow downs in this revision.

System specs Tiny xp Beast eddition
cpu- amd phenom 7750 x2 3.12ghz
video- Geforce 9800GTX+ 512mb GDDR3 OC
ram- 4GIG GSKILL DDR2800 PC2-6400 2048MB X 2
mobo Asrock N68-S

graphic settings - performance
anisotropic filtering- Off
anis gamma correction Off
anti mode-Off
anti transparency-Off
Conformant texture clamp- make sure to use OpenGL spec this helps alot
error report-Off
ext limit-Off
maximum rendered frames- set this to 0 this helps also. this helps you get frames.
multi display- single display
power management- maximum performance
text filter anis sample option-off
text filter negative Lod bias- allow
text filtering quality-high performance
text filtering trilin optimization-on
the rest to Off

Now dolphin
config check dual core
check idle skipping
frame limit off
watchdog leave it at 60
(advanced settings)
check HLE the IPL
very important uncheck lock threads to cores by doing this you kill the lagging
check optimize quantizers and DSP on thread
res 1280 X 1024 ,aspect ratio 4:3, check fullscreen
anistropic filter 16X, anti (MSAA) 16xQ CSAA
(advanced tab)
rendering-disable material lightening, destination alpha pass and check copy EFB to copy system ram and check disable in that EFB copy box.
Sound-dsp to hle check enable hle audio and leave everything else unchecked

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