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A local video game store lets you play their video games on their 360s for $1 an hour so I requested to play their Street Fighter IV 360 version, and while I expect the PC version to be better, it was a blast and very well worth $1 to play some Street Fighter IV. Hopefully, I'll have the game Wed, when Gamestop gets the game, it ships on the 7th, arrives on the 8th, and I'll happily get to install my PC version.

At the moment I can't beat one of the "New" fighters, some guy, not the "Fat" guy but another one. I was able to try about six characters in the hour I had to play it and while I wanted Cammy and Sakura from the beginning, I really enjoyed the hour I had.

I'll be an easy target on the game, I'm nowhere near as good as I was on Super Street Fighter 2 or Capcom vs SNK 1 or 2, which were my favorite fighting games, but I hope to learn quickly and have some online fun with the game.
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