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First off apologies for taking so long to get the site back on line. We had previously thought that importing all the data from the old forum into the new forum would take only 2 hours since a previous import we did that was many times bigger took 8. We did the math but it the land of database imports, the math was wrong. For unknown reasons the import took way longer than we expected.

Secondly- there are still many outstanding issues and some things may not work correctly. It will take a few days to iron out. So please bear with us we are probably only 90% there. Permissions might be a little wacked, there parts of the design that need to be polished, and the new features such as the download area and front page still need to be configured. We know about a lot of the issues that need to be fixed but you can also help us out by giving us feedback here in this thread:

Please take this time to update your profile and avatar Get acquainted with the new forum software- try the new PM or what they are now called "conversation" system. This is one thing you wont believe you managed without once you use it. Like your favorite posts.

Thank you for your patience, once we get everything squared away you will love the new forum software.

If you like, check out our new Facebook and Twitter pages.

Update: 9:35 AM 10/31
There is a major issue with many members that cannot access the forum. We identified the problem and are working on fixing it. Issue Resolved
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