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Im playing xenogears using an iso I made with alcohol 120% from the game which I own ( I dont have my ps2 at school with me) and epsxe. The game has been running fine so far, which has made me very happy; however, all of a sudden an extremely strange error has occured. It is during what I guess is the first boss battle, versus the dragon thing in the woods. Ill be fighting it normally and then the doctor guy, citan, will fly buy and give me a gear to get into. Ill get into it and commence fighting the dragon, but after a round or two of dealing some good damage to it citan flies by again, with the same gear. Apparently the scene of him flying by repeats its self after Ive already gotten in the gear. Then it lets me commence fighting once more, but after a few seconds will freeze up. This seems like the strangest error Ive ever seen, a game replaying a scene while something else is going on .Ive tried restarting the game, and replaying from save state, but no good. Any ideas?

Plugin: Pete's OpenGL2 Driver 2.6
Author: Pete Bernert
Card vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
GFX card: GeForce4 420 Go 32M/AGP/SSE2/3DNOW!

- 640x480 Window mode
- Internal X resolution: 1
- Internal Y resolution: 1
- Keep psx aspect ratio: on
- No render-to-texture: off

- Filtering: 6
- Hi-Res textures: 0
- TexWin pixel shader: off
- VRam size: 0 MBytes

- FPS limitation: on
- Frame skipping: off
- FPS limit: Auto

- Offscreen drawing: 1
- Framebuffer effects: 2
- Framebuffer uploads: 1

- Scanlines: off
- Mdec filter: off
- Screen filtering: on
- Shader effects: 0/1
- Flicker-fix border size: 0
- GF4/XP crash fix: on
- Game fixes: off [00000000]

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I have played xenogears, and this kind of problem occurs in this game 2 or 3 times. (with the dragon, with Deus and at the begining of the 2nd CD) Sometimes it freezes in boss battles, I pass this problems with savestates. You have to observe if the freeze occurs after some attack, then save after every attack and load if the game freezes.
You can try the F7 button too.
I don't think that a different pluggin will help but you can try with the P.E.Op.S. Soft Driver 1.16 and a nosound plug.
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