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Weird Sound Emulation?

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By the way, all of my games are running at a regular 60 FPS, so that isn't an issue here.

I dunno if anyone else is aware of this... but does the sound emulation seem slow to anyone else on certain games? Like... it seemed normal on Final Fantasy Tactics. But it seemed slow on Final Fantasy 7 and Langrisser IV and V for me. (And compared to ePSXe 1.6.0 it IS slower) I'll see if I can find other instances where this occurs.

Anyone else experience something like this?

I don't mean that the music is doing anything wrong, the music sounds fine. But it doesn't seem to be running at the right pace... But at the same time, it also doesn't seem to be falling behind. I feel like my ears are being mind****ed because I can't tell anymore. I think I need to do a comparison between a real copy of these games and the sound of them through these emulators just to be sure. (Which, unfortunately I won't be able to do till I'm back home)

Keep up the great work Xeven, your emulator's real nice.

Edit: Ok, now I know the sound emulation's off in some games. Try Wild Arms and just listen to the intro, it becomes very apparent VERY quickly. (Use the latest PEOPS Dsound)

Question: Does your emulator support SPUAsync?

Try Lunar: The Silver Star Story with PEOPS Dsound for some real fun. (Make sure you're not wearing headphones)
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have you tried playing from an ISO? That should take care of the pings.
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