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ok i dont think i have seen this question answered so heres my story :

fyi im running under windows XP

i got ePSXe installed and setup fine (pete's opengl, ePSXe SPU, and ePSXe cdrom stuff)
so i go down to the video store and hire out Street Fighter Ex2 plus (PAL version - i live in australia), and i runs flawlessly NOW i goto a mates house and grab ff9 (also retial version PAL), however this time as i go to load it all i get is a blank screen, cdrom read for a second then stops. The program hasnt crashed and 100% cpu use is still allocated. I leave it for a few minutes and nothing

So in an effort to get it to work ive tried different GPU's and Cdrom plugins however to no avail, they all give me the black screen

Is this a copy protection issue ? (Remember FF9 is a full retail PAL version), and also remembe that Street Fighter Ex2plus (also retail) worked flawlessly without any patches or anything

thanks in advance for any help
System specs:
AMD XP 1700+
256mb DDR ram
Asus Geforce ddr


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Pal versions of FF9 require a copy protection patch to work with epsxe.. Try doing a search on for "psx patches" or goto for a few FF9 patches.. Make sure you get the right patch for the PAL country game.. ie.. Spanish patch for the spanish version of FF9.. ect.
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