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weird ff8 problems...

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I have beeen trying the past two days to get FF8 to work using epsxe....since my messed hit outside my window..eheh..

but anyways..i have some weird problems...
my computer is:
Pentium 3 866 MHZ
128 megs SDRam
GeForce 256
Turtle Beach Santa Cruz Sound Card
Windows ME
Latest Detonator Drivers

epsxe setup:
Pete's OpenGl VGU
internal SGU
internal CD...

I can run FF9 and Chrono Cross perfectly!!! i just can't get ff8 to run.... i get some weird problems...the opening video will run..but it will skipp opening text liket het Squaresoft logo and all..does not fade jsut appears..and it has SCANLINEs! whgen i am running it full-screen and in a window....
and sometimes i can press the key assigned to start.( i amusing my keyboard...) to finish the video..but usually not...and then when i can skip it...the fmv plays...just with scan lines and really jumpy..
and then when i can get past the opening fmv...i can't even play the game.i go to start a new game..and it freeezes....

any ideaS?
do ya want me to post my whole gpu config?

thanks so much for any help!

btw...i alos have all the sound options enabled and all the mdec option enabled in epsxecutor...
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I live in canada and in the ntsc version swiching cds in ff8 is easy. It will work if you try to swich iso.
Check out my replay to that.:)
1 - 2 of 74 Posts
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