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weird ff8 problems...

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I have beeen trying the past two days to get FF8 to work using epsxe....since my messed hit outside my window..eheh..

but anyways..i have some weird problems...
my computer is:
Pentium 3 866 MHZ
128 megs SDRam
GeForce 256
Turtle Beach Santa Cruz Sound Card
Windows ME
Latest Detonator Drivers

epsxe setup:
Pete's OpenGl VGU
internal SGU
internal CD...

I can run FF9 and Chrono Cross perfectly!!! i just can't get ff8 to run.... i get some weird problems...the opening video will run..but it will skipp opening text liket het Squaresoft logo and all..does not fade jsut appears..and it has SCANLINEs! whgen i am running it full-screen and in a window....
and sometimes i can press the key assigned to start.( i amusing my keyboard...) to finish the video..but usually not...and then when i can skip it...the fmv plays...just with scan lines and really jumpy..
and then when i can get past the opening fmv...i can't even play the game.i go to start a new game..and it freeezes....

any ideaS?
do ya want me to post my whole gpu config?

thanks so much for any help!

btw...i alos have all the sound options enabled and all the mdec option enabled in epsxecutor...
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You made Rargh go wrong,the opening thing is not a FMV,but a succession of 2D screens.
Pete explained it one day,he said that for this,Squaresoft uses a special way to upload the pictures,which gives a major slowdow on Pete's plugin,he also said he doesn't know why lines do appear and that he don't care about it(bad Pete bad:p ).

To help you will be quite easy since I own the NTSC version as well,and suffered the same problem,just press F4 and F5 to get the gamepad to work and skip the intro,and get to the New Game screen,where it won't freeze.
C ya.
Originally posted by Rargh
Raziel loves ff8...
Yup,I love it.
And everyone,don't bother telling me it sucks,I just don't care,I know what I think and I won't change.:p
Originally posted by edragonfly
i tried SIO irq supposed to be enabled or disabled? (what F4 does...)

and i get the same problem..i get to the title screen..all on new game..and it won't load the opening cutscnee.., freezes..
It freezes when you select New Game?
Maybe it's related to the MDECs problem.
Do you have version 1.2.0?
If you have it,load it,and check if your MDECs option are all checked correctly(too bad they removed it on 1.4.0)
Hmm,you can try to run the game via an ISO.
Use CDRWIN to create an ISO(
It will take the space of the disc,about 608Mb.
You don't need to make an ISO of all discs.
To run the ISO,just select "File/Run ISO" and select it where you placed it on your Hard Drive.
Originally posted by Rargh

Well i suggest u to erase the iso u made after finishing it (the first cd)

>>>how will it work with the 4 discs?

I guess u re talking about the change disc feature..
Well, as a real playstation:
U must save ur game on the memory card (at the end of the disc)
Then, restart ePSXe load ur newly made iso of the cd2 and load ur memory card save.
(BTW, there s a change disc option w/ ePSXe but it does not work for me)

It does work here with the NTSC version,so it should work for him.
Originally posted by Rargh
Restarting ePSXe isn t such a loss of time ;)
it won t kill me^^
Well,it did kill me.
I'll post a memory card Rargh,I have the NTSC version.
Yes you can but,it doesn't always work. Sometimes ,the save gets messed up.
Well,it didn't work for me with those games:
Soul Blade
Silent Hill
Anyway here's you card edragonfly,it's at the very first save point.

And Rargh,yes,I changed the serial code and format.
OK,here's a save just before the battle between gardens.
Just get in the garden and go towards the other.
Rargh asked me to post version 1.34 of null's SPU so here it is.
Now about the configuration af the SPU,try to fiddle the settings of the buffer and block,but be sure to check enable VAG stream as it is the most important setting to check(it enables sound in FF8/9,and Chrono Cross).
OK,then tell us if it works then.
Yes it tends to run faster in Fullscreen mode.
But,wich SPU are you using?
You should try the internal SPU,it should give you perfect sound during FMVs(assuming you're running at full speed).
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