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weird ff8 problems...

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I have beeen trying the past two days to get FF8 to work using epsxe....since my messed hit outside my window..eheh..

but anyways..i have some weird problems...
my computer is:
Pentium 3 866 MHZ
128 megs SDRam
GeForce 256
Turtle Beach Santa Cruz Sound Card
Windows ME
Latest Detonator Drivers

epsxe setup:
Pete's OpenGl VGU
internal SGU
internal CD...

I can run FF9 and Chrono Cross perfectly!!! i just can't get ff8 to run.... i get some weird problems...the opening video will run..but it will skipp opening text liket het Squaresoft logo and all..does not fade jsut appears..and it has SCANLINEs! whgen i am running it full-screen and in a window....
and sometimes i can press the key assigned to start.( i amusing my keyboard...) to finish the video..but usually not...and then when i can skip it...the fmv plays...just with scan lines and really jumpy..
and then when i can get past the opening fmv...i can't even play the game.i go to start a new game..and it freeezes....

any ideaS?
do ya want me to post my whole gpu config?

thanks so much for any help!

btw...i alos have all the sound options enabled and all the mdec option enabled in epsxecutor...
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Well, i ll try to help u out^^

>..the opening text liket het Squaresoft logo and all..does not fade jsut appears..and it has SCANLINEs! whgen i am running it full-screen and in a window....

It s normal: it s an offscreen drawing problem (just switch between them to see the proper effect, BTW it s not very important to see it right?)

>the opening video will run..but it will skipp

Since u re using the Internal spu, it s very strange...

Be sure that ur ff8 cd is not scratched (have u ever try to run it on ur playstation?) Also, Try to do an iso of the first cd.(If U re using the pal ff8, are u sure U ve patched it?
If not i ll put the patch here. just tell me what language it is.

>and then when i can skip it...the fmv plays...just with scan lines and really jumpy..

Well, w/ scanlines u say...try to see if u have checked the scanlines box in the GPU pannel.
For the skipping, i really don t see what it is, cuz ' the only plugin which is doing that effect is the null2 1.35 one.
And since u are using the ePSXe SPU core...

>do ya want me to post my whole gpu config?

Yeah that should be helpful.Thx

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If u don t mind I ll check something before...
When u say fmv introduction, U mean the opening w/ Roses, squall and seifer and all ,don t u?

Could U put a screenshot or two here? (in jpeg format)
press f8.

See ya soon
U saved me raziel...
I was blocked and was trying to do the "wrong" settings w/ my pal ff8 to see if it ll hang.

Hope that ll help.
Raziel loves ff8...
It was the good person to ask about it...

Well thx.

let the 5 sound setting boxes checked. And uncheck the 2 boxes
of the cdr settings.

Uncheck also the sio irq on box. let the country to autodetect and choose ur bios in the pannel up ahead (i recommend u to use the 1001 or 7502 bios.)

Hope that ll (that time) work

Originally posted by edragonfly
i will try that later tongiht...and let ya'l know if it worked... muich space will that take? i only have 1 gig. open...and how will it work with the 4 discs?
thanks so much.
Well i suggest u to erase the iso u made after finishing it (the first cd)

>>>how will it work with the 4 discs?

I guess u re talking about the change disc feature..
Well, as a real playstation:
U must save ur game on the memory card (at the end of the disc)
Then, restart ePSXe load ur newly made iso of the cd2 and load ur memory card save.
(BTW, there s a change disc option w/ ePSXe but it does not work for me)

well pal doesn t on my system.
But i don t care.
Restarting ePSXe isn t such a loss of time ;)
it won t kill me^^

Originally posted by edragonfly

thanks for the help..but i put all the settings the way ya said..adn it still won't work.....

but i remember i was trying to run it on Virtual Game STation..which would freeeze in teh loading game i think my cd may just be i am making an .iso right now...
i will let ya'll know how it works..thansk so much.
Well if u manage to do an iso...
it means that ur cd isn t scratched ( or not enough...^^)
BTW, I 'd really appreciate to know which bios u are using....

well, i must say i m running out of options...
try to get the scph7502 bios if u can ...

and....disable the epsxe gui and type that in the command line switch:


I m almost sure that it won t solve the problem but i ll think of it tonight (damn this is the morning now)

so i think i ll give U a positive answer later (i m going to sleep now ;) )

me? a lifesaver? :D

BTW, have u tried playing w/ ff9 with epsxe?
Did u have the same problems?
Other thing:
Grab the memory card I ll put here and try to load it from the second cd.

(um, give me the ff8 serial code of the US ntsc version and i ll put it^^)

oh before that, disable the MDECS and the mdecs timing.
Try to see if the FMV problem persists...
(that s all i ve found lately :( )

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i can convert a pal to ntsc memory card save game...
Don t worry i ll handle this


sorry but it s stupid:

all the save games i ve converted are just ok.
Trust me

Have u tried to change the serial code??....
and the format?

I think it s the problem.....
anyway, here the memory cards...
The first one is situtated at the end of disk 1
(just before edea s battle)
the second one is situated just before the end of the 2nd disk...
If U manage to load the second save but not the 1st,
then ur 1st cd s scratched...
>>>>so anybody have a empty save after teh very first fmv?

Well i or raziel can manage to do that of course. there s no problem....

>>>>but i just notcied some werid the screen when it loads a new area....the characters move back and gets jumpyu..and the character models do the same thing when going into that just epsxe? lol.

I don t see very well....
Could u put some screeshots? (press f8)

>>>>and it battles ...there is a sharp line between the background and sky.,..

Just put the filtering to EXTENDED (the 2nd one or the 4 th one if u don t like the 2d being filtered)

>>>>but i haven't been able to test an ya have any saves right before an fmv?

In the save i provide (if u continue a little until the end of the 1st cd, u should see an FMV.
Tell us if it works.(don t forget to enable the enable MDECS box too..)

>>>>and what spu would ya recommend? just curoius..eheh

Well, I would recommend to try the null2 spu 1.35 (since the mdecs flicker, just switch to the internal spu just before a MDEC)

>>>>i will play some more later today...and let ya'll know if i have any fmv probs..eheh

I wait and i m happy to know that the problem is half solved;)

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Well u REALLY have a problems w/ mdecs man!
Yup, there should be a FMV transition there where u should see the Edea's Parade...

Try to do it again w/o enabling the mdecs that time...

I think u ll succeed to get those fmv's on the second cd...
I ve never had those problems before....

Well, i think u ought to try some other cdr plugins too...
Try pete s cdr plugin...
and configure it properly (it s not difficult)
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