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Basically, on a rom I have, its discoloured and theres lines throughout it. It should work, I tried downloading other ones and they did the same thing, but before, the same basic rom (Pokemon Pearl) worked.

Ever sense I changed the default file type on my inp and .nds to no$gba (instead of none, like it used to be (when it worked fine)) I've been getting issues.
These are my current emulator settings:
Speed: Realtime, Auto (works fine)
Reset/Startup: Start directly
Video outputer: 24 bit true
3D: nocash
GBA mode: VGA (Poppy)
GBA Cartridge: Auto
NDS Cartridge: EEPROM 64 KB (Doesnt work as none)
Solar Sensor: Darkness
Sound: Digital Mono (Fast)
Desired Sample Rate: High (44kHz (best))
Multiboot: None/Disabled
Multiboot Normal/BurstDelays: Medium/Medium(stable)
Num of Gameboys: 1
Link Gamepaks: Gamepaks in all GBAs
Link Cable Type: Automatic


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I fail to see anything being wrong...and I fail to see why you did what you don't just change the default program for anything you want to open...that was entirely unneccessary...
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